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Friday, January 23, 2009

The X-Files: I Want to Believe - Yeah, I Wanted to Believe Scully Looked Better

Today I'm reviewing a film from my Netflix list:

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Yeah, I wanted to believe.

I wanted to believe a few things:

1) I wanted to believe I'd remember where the other movie left off.

I didn't.

I was lost.

Things like:

a) Wait...are they boyfriend/girlfriend?

b) Huh? What baby? Did they have a baby?

c) Where are my pants?!?

That last one tends to happen when I watch shit with Gillian Anderson in it.

Me: "Scully..come look at THIS."

* zzziiiiip

2) I wanted to believe that Gillian Anderson would be as hot as I remembered her.

She wasn't.

(pants go back on)

3) I wanted to believe that I'd really like it.


The plot revolves around a missing FBI agent and other women...

...a pedophile psychic (shout out to my dad here)...

...and the re-involvement of Scully and Mulder in the search for the missing.

No UFO's.

No monsters.

No big conspiracy.


My wife (who used to watch the X-Files with me when it was on TV) summed it up this way:

Wife: "It was like a two-hour long episode of CSI."

Yeah...I'd say that's about right.

My Score:

2 Mooge Splats (out of a possible four)

I kinda wish it WAS a two hour episode of CSI.

Then they could have cast Marg Helgenberger in Scully's place.

Oh. Yeah.

* zzziiiip


Moog out.


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1 comment:

meleah rebeccah said...

I saw that movie and hated it.

Of course I had no desire to zip or unzip my pants at all.