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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wrestler - He Says 'Go,' She Says 'No'

Today I'm reviewing the movie:

The Wrestler

In a "Moog's Movie Review" first, I have a He Said/She Said review.

You see, I went to see this with my wife.

I need to stop seeing movies with her.

At least the ones I want to see.

Actually, we both wanted to see 'The Wrestler' after hearing and reading the great reviews about the movie and Mickey Rourke's Academy Award nominated performance.

However, my wife also wanted to see "Marley and Me."

Personally, I've heard about how it ends, and didn't want to leave the theater crying and sobbing... I did after spending money to see that giant piece of shit, 'Cloverfield.'

I've digressed.

What you will see here is my review...and it's not a funny one (mark your calendar):

Here it is:


'The Wrestler'
stars Mickey Rourke as a "The Ram," a professional wrestler who had his heyday in the 1980's, and was on top of his game and the top of the world.

Fast forward to today, 20 years later, where he's broke in every sense of the word.

Battered and beaten down, we watch as The Ram goes to ridiculous (and very often, VERY gory) lengths to stay in the sport and keep himself in the public eye - where the fans and fellow wrestlers have been his only family.

As he desperately tries to keep his age at bay, he has to come to grips with the fact that he is alone in the world, mostly by his own design.

As his life takes a drastic turn mid-way through the movie, we see him try to change his ways and his legacy. He confides in a stripper (Marisa Tomei) who tries to help him along this path while also confronting her own demons as we realize that she, too, is fighting the same battle in her profession as time goes on.

(side note: Marisa Tomei spends about 20 minutes or so in this movie topless. I had never seen Marisa Tomei's boobs before. They are very nice. I may buy the DVD just for the 'pause' feature.)

When 'The Ram' realizes that he is what he is, and that he cannot or does not have the willpower to change it - we bear witness to him continuing on the path that he has chosen for himself.

The path of being what he's always been - a professional wrestler.


Wow. Deep, eh?

So, here's how the movie went when it ended.

Wife: "Wow. That was the best part."

Me: "What? Then ending?"

Wife: "No. The credits."


Me: "WHAT?!?! You didn't like ANY part it?"


"No. Not one part. It was boring."

I can see that. Aside from the wrestling scenes, the film is pretty much all character development. This is NOT an action film by any stretch.

So I can see her saying that it was boring.


I thought Mickey Rourke was excellent.

Some of the scenes were so gory and realistic, that at one point I literally had to turn away from the screen.

I thought the ending was the only way it COULD end.

I thought it was really good. The more I thought about it after, the more I liked it.

My wife? Here's my wife's comparison:

We were in the bedroom and she turned on the lights.


* pause

Me: "Name the movie!"

Sometimes, I quote movies then ask her to guess what movie it's from.

On a related note:

I'm lame.

Wife: "Gremlins. Which was better than 'The Wrestler.'"

My wife liked 'Gremlins' better than 'The Wrestler.'

Give me 20 minutes of Marisa Tomei topless in 'Gremlins,' and I'm with you, honey.

Two scores:

My Score:

3-1/2 Mooge Splats (out of a possible four)

My Wife's Score:

1 Mooge Splat (out of a possible four)

Before the movie, there was a preview of "Terminator: Salvation" - starring Christian Bale.

Me: "We're SO going to see that."

Wife: "I don't really like Christian Bale."


I don't even know who she is anymore.

Moog out.


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HeyJoe said...

I'll fling ya a comment Moog.

As I said, I want to see The Wrestler but I'm on the fence about whether or not to bring the wife. Guess I'll let her make the call.

Apropos of bush, do you get to see Marisa's?

Narm said...

I thought Mickey Rourke knocked it out of the park (which is what I wanted to do after all those topless scenes) - and the movie was good but not great. The stuff with his daughter was predictable and I even thought the ending was a bit predictable. Still good - but carried by Rourke.

And those tits, of course.