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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Up" - Get Up and Go

Today I'm reviewing the movie:



After seeing the horrible fuckshow known as "Night at the Museum 2"...

...I get a movie that is WORTH seeing.

Well worth it.

Suffice it to say, "Up" has earned a place in my top 20 movie list of all time.



A Pixar animated film has justly joined the ranks of such greats as:

1) Jaws

2) Braveheart

3) The Fugitive

4) Dr. Gonzo's Six-Hour Anything Goes SexFest Extravaganza

Six lesbian action...three ways...AND anal?

You don't get much better that THAT, my friends.

Where was I?



To be honest, the movie may be a bit slow and/or confusing for those kids 5 and under... the first 20 minutes of the movie outlines the main character, Mr. Fredrickson, from childhood to old age.

In this period, he meets his wife as a young boy...and the beginning of the film outlines their life together and, eventually, her death.

During this period of the movie, there is VERY little very young ones may find themselves fidgeting a bit and needing to have the synopsis here explained.

That being said:


Mr. Frederickson takes it upon himself to see to it that his wife's desire for a life of adventure not go to waste.

This is similar to my desire for adventure.

Unfortunately, 'adventure' for me means 'getting the mail.'

I'm sad sometimes.

Mr. Frederickson thusly rigs his home (on the verge of destruction by a local builder) with enough helium-filled balloons to transport him to the land of "Paradise Falls," a mythical place in South America where he and his wife always dreamed of going.

Things go awry, though, when a local Cub Scout named "Russell" becomes an unwanted stow away.

Long story short, the house eventually lands on "Paradise Falls" which is populated by a rare animal, a man who is trying to hunt it and his pack of obedient dogs outfitted with collars that allow them to talk.

Mr. Frederickson and Russell take it upon themselves to help save the animal from the hunter and - in the end - find their own adventure and a true and lasting friendship.

This movie has something for everyone, and is definitely worth the price of admission.

My Score:

4 Mooge Splats (out of a possible four)

Now...excuse me...

I still have 5 hours and 45 minutes of my Dr. Gonzo video to watch.

At 5 minutes per viewing, this is gonna take me forever.

Moog out.


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Jennifer said...

My 3 and 4 year old daughters loved it. But don't forget the kleenex!

Okay, well maybe that's just me... I absolutely agree with your review.

ScarFace said...

I agree with bringing the Kleenex. At the cost of ricking my "man points", i must say this movie is REALLY SAD. After talking with many others who saw this movie, I can luckily say I wasn't the only one to tear up in the theater. Other than that, this movie is amazing. Probably the only kids movie that i plan on buying for the rest of my life.

kathcom said...

My friend Thomas, a homeless guy, gave me a good tip on seeing this in 3D. Apparently, you get charged $15 for the special 3D screening, so if you pay $10 for another flick, then sneak out, grab a pair of 3D glasses from the bin outside the door and save yourself $5.00.

Thomas said that being on the street, he doesn't go to movies with any lofty expectations. He just wants a little entertainment.

He gave Up a hearty thumbs up, saying that he enjoyed the movie and it has a positive message for both children and adults.

He said the 3D would be fun for anyone who wouldn't find the glasses uncomfortable to wear. (He gave me his pair in case I happen to need to watch something in 3D.)

Thomas is one of the coolest guys I know.