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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Step Brothers - Lbluca Steps UP!

Today, I have a very coveted guest post.

Lbluca77 has graciously accepted a position on the Moog's Movie Review guest couch.

(It only took two martinis and four Rohipnol tablets to score this...but kudos to me!)

Lbluca is reviewing the film:

Step Brothers


I asked her to do this for two reasons:

1) I'm fucking lazy

Actually, that's the only reason.

I saw the movie and agree with everything she says here.

I'm easy like that.

Email from Lbluca:

Ok this was harder than I thought (that's what she said) but still fun. I had to go back and watch some of the parts I forgot in the movie. One of these days I am going to have to learn how to make those fancy pictures you put up. - Lbluca

The review

Step Brothers

When you have two 40 year old infantile man-children who are delightfully unemployed with the maturity level of a 12 year old that never left home and are then forced to live under one roof after their parents get married there is only two things that are a guarantee:

1) You will hysterically laugh and...
2) You will see a drum set get tea-bagged.

Every second of this movie is hilarious with non stop laughter that you will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud while your penis is tingling.

(editor's note: Um....?)

After discovering they both have adult children that won't leave the nest Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) and Robert (Richard Jenkins) fall in love, get married and make an attempt to blend their two families.

(editor's note: I just realized Richard Jenkins looks almost identical to the guy who plays the President's husband on the new season of "24"....which means I'll never be able to watch that show without thinking of Will Ferrell's ballsack)

Brennan (Will Ferrell) or as he prefers to be called Night Hawk, is an overly sensitive guy that also loves to sing. Then there is Dale (John C. Reilly) who likes to go by the name "Dragon" and enjoys playing the drums and being a bully to Brennan.

Together while sharing a bedroom with two twin beds they make each others life and their parent's life a living hell. That is until they discover a mutual hatred for Brennan's douchey brother and his even more douchey kids.

Once they establish a bond over the love for John Stamos, bunk beds that provide so much room for "activities" and some freakish sleep walking, the fun begins.

This movie makes peeing simultaneously in a toilet with your step brother look fun. Even if you are a girl.

Maybe not.

Eventually the parents get more and more fed up with their childish behavior and tell them they need to get jobs. Good luck. Even with their best efforts to get a job, despite sporting a monkey suits and informing their interviewer "We're here to fuck shit up!" the job hunt was unsuccessful.

(One of the most entertaining parts of the entire film. May I suggest you wear a diaper when you watch this.)

Next time my boss asks me what I am doing I plan on telling her that I am here to fuck shit up.

I am sure she will tell me I can see myself down to HR for my dismissal papers.

Despite there being some "over the top" shenanigans like licking dog poop and being scared of actual 12 year old boys this movie is one of Will Ferrell's best and is a must see...

...especially the unrated version.

Lbluca's Score:

I am giving it 3 mooge splats.

Awesome, Lbluca!

FYI - my wife's friend and her husband COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY HATED this movie.

This is why I don't ask them to do reviews.

I will say this: If you like Anchorman and Talledega Nights, you'll like this.

If you hate those, you'll hate this.

Thanks, Lbluca!

Go read her if you don't already - great blog and a very funny person.

Actually, I'll thank her when she wakes up.

Four roofies might have been too much.

Moog out.


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1 comment:

LBluca77 said...

HAHA love the bunk bed picture. Makes me wish I had bunk beds as a kid.

I will have to sneak online and post a link for this and add it to twitter