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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coraline - Wait...Are Those...PASTIES?!

Today I'm reviewing the movie:



The Fuck.

Did I just watch?

No..scratch that...

What did I just bring my kids to?!?!?

Let's preface this first:

I didn't want to see Coraline.

My kids did.

Since I will sit in a movie theater to pretty much watch anything as long as I'm paying the early matinee fee ($700 per ticket + $2 for the 3D Glasses), I'll go.

So we went.

On a related note:

I'm stupid.

The Plot:
Coraline is a kid (Dakota Fanning) who moves into some delapitated old house with her lame parents (Teri Hatcher and John Hodgman) who apparently don't give a shit about her.

I haven't seen parent neglect this bad since I put my kids in the closet last weekend so the wife and I could go out.

OMG! The kids!!

Eh. They probably still have some water and jerky left.

I'll get to them as soon as I'm done this.

A neighborhood boy befriends Coraline and gives her a doll that he found that looks just like her...

...except the eyes are simply black buttons.

NO! Not creepy at all!

This begins an adventure where Coraline discovers a hidden door in her slum shithouse that leads to an alternate world - everything that she knows is there...


The food is better.

The parents are better.

The house is better.

The crack whores don't have AIDS.

Oh. Wait.

That last one is MY alternate world.

My bad.

The only problem here is that the requirement to STAY in this world is:

Coraline has to remove her eyes and replace them with buttons.


Here's how to decide if you should take your kids to see this:

1) Your kids aren't easily scared

2) You don't mind your little kids seeing an old woman with Triple-F sized tits walking around in pasties.

No shit.

Here's one of the characters from a scene in the movie:

What. The. Fuck.

You could hear a collective gasp from the parents in the theater as we all went:

" Oh. Oh that's really fucking inappropriate."

If I want to see giant tits and pasties on an old broad, I'll go visit my mother.

3) Your kids don't like to laugh

This is not a "Finding Nemo." There's not a single laugh in the whole story.

The good part:

The 3D.

The 3D is awesomely done.

You know...if your kid can see through his petrified tears.

My Score:

2 Mooge Splats (out of a possible four)

Did I mention the kid ghosts?

The ghosts who had their eyes removed and are now dead...

...and Coraline has to GO SEARCH FOR THEIR MISSING EYES in order to set them free to go to Heaven?

* cricket

Or the giant evil spider-lady with black eyes and needles for fingers and legs?


This isn't scary at all.

Moog out.


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MJenks said...

Exactly why I didn't take my kids.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

geez ... JHC ... damn dude, I can't stop laughing.


You are one demented brain and I want to be your neighbor - my belly hurts every time i read your posts ... I can't read them at work ... around my family ... what are you reading mommy ... oh no! Not going there.

Jen said...

Moog, how did you give that freak show 2 splats!? My friends were crapping their pants after that movie!

Arielle Fragassi said...

When I saw the lady boobies I was just like O.O I looked around at the audience to see if anyone else was as shocked as I was. How did they get away with putting that in a kid's movie?